What is the 'Delhi Snooping Case' under which MHA has given go-ahead to prosecute Manish Sisodia?

CBI gets nod to prosecute
AAP Leader Manish Sisodia

The Union Home Ministry has given sanction to prosecute Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia under the Prevention of Corruption Act in connection with the alleged "snooping political opponents through a specially designed Feedback Unit (FBU)"

What is Delhi
snooping case?

According to reports, the snooping allegations against Manish Sisodia have been brought by the CBI in a report which claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi indulged in political snooping after it came to power in 2015

Why is the Feedback
Unit at the centre of row?

Delhi AAP government’s Feedback Unit started functioning in 2016 with a provision of Rs 1 crore for secret service expenditure. The CBI, in its report, alleged that the 'snooping' was being conducted through a Feedback Unit for political intelligence gathering

Delhi snooping case:

While the FBU was created to strengthen the vigilance establishment, it was reported that the AAP government allegedly snooped on all departments of the government as well as political entities in the interest of AAP

CBI probe in Delhi
snooping case

The Feedback Unit, in addition to collecting the mandated information, also collected political intelligence or intelligence qua miscellaneous issues, the CBI said in its preliminary inquiry, as per a PTI  report

Delhi snooping case: ‘Spying
on different ministries'

The objective of AAP’s unit, the CBI said, was to allegedly spy on different ministries, opposition political parties, entities and individuals and had no legislative or judicial oversight

'Manish Sisodia Coward
Jibe' in snooping case

Meanwhile, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia on Wednesday described the sanction of his prosecution as "a sign of a coward person"

AAP Leader Manish
Sisodia hits back

"Making false cases against your rivals is a sign of a weak and cowardly person. As the Aam Aadmi Party grows, many more cases will be filed against us," tweeted Delhi Deputy CM Sisodia

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