Why Are FIFA World Cup Players Wearing Strange Face Masks During Match?

FIFA World Cup 2022
Face Masks: Not A
Fashion Statement

Wondering why players are wearing strange face masks on the FIFA 2022 World Cup pitches in Qatar? Their masked looks have drawn comparison to Batman and Hannibal Lecter but turns out it’s not a fashion statement 

FIFA World Cup 2022
Face Masks: Hi-Tech
Protective Devices 

The masks worn by players are hi-tech protective devices made from materials like polycarbonate. They protect athletes who have sustained facial injuries, ensuring they can play on without risking further damage

3D Printed Masks

Some of these masks are 3D printed to exactly fit a scan of the contours of each footballers’s face

Players Seen In Masks At World Cup

Croatia’s Joško Gvardiol and South Korea’s Son Heung-min were some of the players who were seen wearing these distinctive face masks

Joško Gvardiol’s
Broken Nose

Joško Gvardiol, Croatia’s primary defender, suffered a horrific injury in a match between RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg on Nov 10. Later a scan revealed he had severely broken his nose

Joško Gvardiol At FIFA World Cup 

Joško Gvardiol, in order to protect his face from further damage decided to wear a face mask in the World Cup 

South Korea’s Son
Heung-min’s Black Mask

An on-field collision during the November 1 Champions League left South Korea’s Son Heung-min with a fractured eye socket, prompting him to wear a black carbon fibre mask

Iran’s Alirexa
Beranvand Masks Up 

Iran’s goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand, 30, also masked up after sustaining a facial injury against England

Masks For Protection

While face masks aren’t a common sight in football, a number of high profile players are sporting them at the games to protect themselves from further injury

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