6 smallcap stocks where HNIs upped stakes by over 10% in Q3

Where are HNIs investing?

High net worth individuals (HNIs) upped stakes by over 10% in six smallcap companies in December quarter.

Smallcap stocks where
HNIs upped stakes 

HNIs raised their stakes in the smallcap stocks Mittal Life Style, Gayatri Projects, Eros International Media, Kapston Services, Palred Technologies and Excel Realty N Infra. 

In Mittal Life Style, HNIs owned 21.70% stake at the end of December quarter against 8% in Sept quarter.

Mittal Life Style share

Gayatri Projects share

HNIs upped stake in Gayatri Projects to 27.87% from 16.17%, up 11.70 percentage points. 

Eros International
Media share 

In Eros International Media, they increased holding to 24.90% in Q3 from 13.39% in Q2.

HNIs owned 19.16% stake in Kapston Services as of Dec 31. This is against 8.01% in Sept quarter.

Kapston Services share

In Parled Tech, HNIs increased stake to 29.81% from 18.96%, up 10.85 percentage points.

Parled Tech share

Excel Realty N Infra share

HNI stake in Excel Realty N Infra rose 10.27 percentage points to 31.02% in Q3 from 20.75% in Q2.

NSE M-cap: What
HNIs contribute

In total, HNI stock holdings accounted for 1.89% of total NSE market capitalisation as on December 31, 2022 against 1.90% as on September 30.


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