Paytm share buyback

Paytm has announced a buyback scheme worth Rs 850 crore at a maximum price of Rs 810 per share

Paytm share buyback

Paytm has opted for the open market route through the stock exchanges method, which is to be completed within a maximum period of 6 months

Open market route

At the maximum buyback price and the maximum buyback size, the indicative maximum number of equity shares bought back would be 10,493,827 equity shares

Paytm buyback plan

Paytm reiterates that proceeds from the IPO are not being directed towards the share repurchase plan

Paytm on Buyback plan

Assuming a full buyback of Rs 850 crores, and applicable buyback taxes, the total outlaywill be in excess of approx Rs 1,048 crores

Total outlay

Paytm board believes that this buyback is a sign of confidence that the company is on a clear path to deliver cash flow profitability

Path to profitability

The scrip got listed at a discount of 9 per cent at Rs 1,950 on the NSE against the issue price of Rs 2,150 per share

Paytm's debut on D-street

So if you compare it with the current market price, the stock is down over 75% from its issue price and 72% from its listing price

Paytm's performance on

JPMorgan said this Rs 850 crore share at a 50% premium will provide support to the stock price in the near term

JPMorgan on Paytm

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