Ray Dalio Exclusive Interview: The Wizard Of Wall Street

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, shared his insights in an exclusive interview with Business Today’s Udayan Mukherjee

Ray Dalio In
Conversation With
Udayan Mukherjee

“We use indicators of the next 10 years' growth rate. Some of the indicators include the cost of an educated person. In other words, not only the education level, but also how expensive it is…

Ray Dalio On
India’s Growth

“... Others include barriers to trade and capital flows and the level of corruption. On balance, India should have the highest growth rate of any country,” said Ray Dalio

India To Have The Highest Growth Rate Of Any Country

Ray Dalio said that the inflation rate could probably be around 5 per cent. He added, “But it's a very uncertain inflation rate because of all the shocks that we have around it.”

Ray Dalio On Inflation

Ray Dalio said, “The prior decade, we had falling interest rates. Cash was very cheap, free, almost. And so, the whole investment landscape was very much built around that…

Will Inflation Linger On?

… Now we're having this adjustment away from that. So central banks try to balance growth and inflation. It will be a difficult balance which creates an environment of stagflation.”

Ray Dalio Warns
Of Stagflation

- Over the long run, look at the returns relative to inflation 
- Stay away from debt assets, debt denominated assets 
- Have a well-diversified portfolio. Diversification reduces risk without reducing expected returns

Ray Dalio’s Investment Tips During Inflation

Ray Dalio said, “There is a trade war, a technology war, a geopolitical influence war, a capital and economic war, and a military war - five of those. We are in the first four of those. If we never go to a military war, we still have damage happening.”

Five Kinds Of Wars

Ray Dalio added, “Globalisation, as we know it, is declining. Right now in fear of those wars, there is the desire for self-sufficiency. It used to be that the world would come close to producing items and trading items, wherever it was most efficient. That is now changing. Now it is, whoever is most secure.”

Effect Of Geopolitics
On Global Economies

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10,000 Employees
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