Zerodha's Nikhil Kamath: His favourite books, first salary, 2023 mantra and much more

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Zerodha Co-founder Nikhil Kamath likes reading Robert Greene books. When asked about the most inspiring book, he mentioned Jiddu Krishnamurti and his books

Nikhil Kamath on his
favourite books

Nikhil Kamath was 17 when he got his first job at a company called 24/7 with a salary of Rs 8,000 per month

Nikhil Kamath on
his first salary

Nikhil Kamath is fond of the things that Satya Nadella is doing at Microsoft. Kamaath said, “He is doing many things right where his peers are failing.”

In awe of Satya Nadella

“2023 is not the best year to take too much risk,” says Kamath. He plans to read a lot more and get healthier

Nikhil Kamath's 2023

Nikhil Kamath said that leverage is one of the worst things that you can do as an investor. He added that investors should bring down leverage and diversify so as to do okay in a bad year

Top mistakes to avoid

Kamath believes in the diversification of his portfolio, which is currently a combination of Equity, Fixed-income, Debt, Gold, and Real Estate. Equity is about 40%, debt is about 45%, gold is 10%, and real estate and alternatives together constitute the remaining 5%

Nikhil Kamath on

The brother duo Nikhil and Nithin Kamath founded Zerodha in 2009. The company's net profit doubled to Rs 2,094 crore in FY22. This was 82 per cent up compared to Rs 1,112 crore in FY21

About Zerodha

According to Motilal Oswal, Zerodha reported a 158 bps increase in market share on a year-on-year basis to 19.2% in February 2023. It also reported a 5.2% jump in its client count to 64 lakh

Zerodha's Market share

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