Aadhaar Mitra: What is UIDAI's new chatbot, how to use it

Aadhaar Mitra

Unique Identification Authority of India has launched a new AI-backed up chatbot, Aadhaar Mitra, to address Aadhaar-related queries

Aadhaar Mitra for
instant queries

Aadhaar Mitra, the AI/ML-based chatbot, will help in addressing Aadhaar-based queries, like tracking Aadhaar PVC status, registering and tracking grievances, information on enrollment centre location

UIDAI, in an official tweet, said, "#ResidentFirst #UIDAI's New AI/ML-based chat support is now available for better resident interaction! Now Residents can track #Aadhaar PVC card status, register & track grievances, etc."

Aadhaar Mitra: New
digital AI assistance

UIDAI has shared a QR code that residents can scan in order to access Aadhaar Mitra. If someone is unable to scan the QR code, they can visit the official website of UIDAI and access Aadhaar Mitra

Installing Aadhaar Mitra

Where to find Aadhaar

On UIDAI’s homepage, www.uidai.gov.in, you will see the 'Aadhaar Mitra' box flashing in the bottom right corner

Aadhaar Mitra’s
chat media 

The AI chatbot is currently available in both English and Hindi languages

About UIDAI Chatbot

The chatbot can respond to the text as well as provide the feature of watching related videos

According to UIDAI, the chatbot has been trained on the latest developments and features of Aadhaar

Aadhaar Mitra

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