Apple iPhone
5G Support: iPhones that will get 5G

Apple iPhone 5G support
will be rolled out in the
second week of December
for select iPhone users. See
if your iPhone’s network supports Apple 5G update

Apple iPhone
5G Roll Out

Currently, only two
telecom networks are supporting the Apple iPhone 5G update 
-Reliance Jio

Networks supporting
iPhone 5G update

Apple iPhone 5G update will be rolled out in the
form of an iOS16 beta update. It will be available under Apple’s Beta Software Program

Apple 5G Support
on Beta Update

-iPhone 14 series
-iPhone 13 series
-iPhone 12 series 
-iPhone SE (3rd Gen)

Eligible Apple
5G iPhone Series

-iPhone 12 
-iPhone 12 mini
-iPhone 12 Pro 
-iPhone 12 Pro Max
-iPhone SE (3nd Gen) 

iPhone Models Supporting Apple 5G Update

-iPhone 13 mini
-iPhone 13
-iPhone 13 Pro
-iPhone 13 Pro Max
-iPhone 14
-iPhone 14 Plus
-iPhone 14 Pro
-iPhone 14 Pro Max 

iPhone Models Supporting Apple 5G Update

-Create Apple ID
-Accept Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the sign-up process
-Opt for pre-release Apple software
-Click on macOS beta on the Mac App Store
-Click Download to install the beta

Steps To Access Apple Beta Software Program

Update iPhone 12 to
iOS 14.5 or advanced to
access iPhone 5G update

Apple 5G Update on iPhone 12 Dual sim

Apple with 5G beta update
joins ranks of 5G Android phones such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G, OnePlus Nord
2T 5G, OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G
and the newly launched
Nokia G60 5G smartphone

Android 5G

Best 5G
Under Rs 15,000

Produced By: Bhoomika 
Designed By: Pragati

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