Tech-up this Valentine's Day: Best last-minute gifts for men


A smartwatch is the perfect combination of style and technology. This gift is a must for all tech-savvy men and even women. From health tracking to making calls, it is one nifty addition to a man’s tech bundle

Portable Charger

Keep your man's devices powered on the go with a portable charger. Whether he's at work or out exploring, he'll never have to worry about running out of juice. You have options to purchase wireless or fast charging power banks

A virtual reality headset will be a futuristic gift that could introduce a whole new set of games and media to your partner's to-do list

Virtual Reality Headset

Wireless Earbuds

This one is an easy pick if your partner still wears wired headphones. TWS earbuds are much more convenient and stylish.

Smart Home Speaker

A smart home speaker is an easy way to make your man's life easy. He'll be able to control the lights, music, and more with just his voice.

Working on the go is the new default and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a perfect gift in that regard. Whether working from home or at the coffee shop, it is a gift he will continue to appreciate in the years to come.

Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse

If all the options have already been ticked off from his list, a drone is something that could make an interesting addition to his tech.


Capturing videos and photos will never feel the same after using a drone. You have a lot of pocket drone options in the market to choose a reliable and affordable drone


If nostalgia is the name of the game, there's no better gift that a retro portable game console. It's a quirky and fun tech gift that he can use for some downtime and stress relief.

Portable Retro Game

Wireless Charging Pad

A wireless charging pad is a practical tech gift. One charging mat can simultaneously charge a phone, smartwatch, wireless earbuds and more. It will surely declutter your man's life.

Gadget Organizer

All these gadgets may be fun but what's the point if you can't access them on time? For that, a gadget organizer is an obvious choice. Look for one with multiple compartments for charging cables, headphones, and other accessories.

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