Business Today at WEF 2023: Working on Made-in-India EV like Tesla- JSW's Sajjan Jindal at Davos 

JSW Group's Sajjan Jindal
at WEF 2023

JSW Group chairman Sajjan Jindal, while speaking with Business Today at World Economic Forum in Davos, said that now is the time for India to build a very high-quality car like Tesla

Made in India EV
in the works

The industrialist revealed that he has envisioned a made-in-India high quality electric vehicle (EV) and said that "he is working on building it"

Davos 2023: Passionate
about cars, says Jindal

"I am very passionate about cars, and that's been my childhood passion. I've been really wanting to build a car project for a long time," he told BT TV Managing Editor Siddharth Zarabi at World Economic Forum 2023

Made-in-India car
"for the world"

Jindal highlighted that he has plans make a car in India "for the world." He added that with a strong focus on quality, the car will be made for markets like India, Europe, US, and Japan

Jindal at WEF 2023:
'Focus on quality
over price'

Speaking at Davos, he also added that while price factor won't be a competitive advantage in his plan, but the idea is to eliminate the need to import cars like Mercedes or BMW from other countries

Overcoming challenges: Battery storage
and car charging

"The two key challenges - battery storage and car charging - will no longer be a constraint in the EV sector over the next 2-3 years," said Sajjan Jindal while adding that battery will become a commodity in some years

Davos 2023:
Future of EVs

Talking about the future of EVs at WEF, Sajjan Jindal said that with time electric cars and their technology are only going to mature and become more advanced

How technology will
evolve in EVs

Citing an example of evolving technology, Sajjan Jindal said that a battery which gives you 300 kilometers today, the same battery may give 600 kilometers over time as the technology improves

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