City Transformer CT-2: Tata Nano Is 50% Wider Than This Tiny Electric Car

The mini EV by
City Transformer

The City Transformer is built by an Israeli electric vehicle start-up, City Transformer

Launch of CT-2

City Transformer aims to launch production of its small urban CT-2 model by 2024

City Transformer
CT-2: Specs

The CT-2 can fit two people or be used for last-mile delivery or other businesses. The company claims 4 CT-2 cars can park in the space of one SUV

CT-2 Narrower
than Tata Nano

To understand how narrow the car is, we can compare it with the Tata Nano. The Nano's width is 1.49 metres whereas CT-2 is only 1 metre wide

CT-2 Range & Top Speed

The CT-2 boasts a range of 180 km and a top speed of 90 km/h in performance mode

City Transformer
CT-2: Driving Modes

The CT-2 transforms from a 1-metre-wide city mode to a 1.4-metre-wide performance mode. The wheels move outward for enhanced stability at higher speeds

City Transformer CT-2:
Lightweight Design

The CT-2 weighs 450 kilograms, lighter than the battery in a Tesla Model 3

Selected Factory

City Transformer has selected a factory in Western Europe with an initial annual production of 15,000 vehicles for the same market

CT-2 EU & UK Approval

The CT-2 model is already approved for use in the European Union and the UK

Series B Funding Round

City Transformer plans to raise $50 million in its upcoming Series B funding round

CT-2: Future Plans

City Transformer is currently lobbying the EU for subsidies and is wanting to fill the void left by major carmakers shifting away from small cars to SUVs

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