Digi Yatra APP at airports

No tickets or Boarding pass

Digi Yatra is a service that allows flyers to move within an airport without having to carry around tickets or boarding pass

Digi Yatra Launch:

Enroll in the Digi Yatra service. For that, you'll need to create Digi Yatra ID in a central system by providing details and documents.

Documents required for
Digi Yatra enrollment

You'll need to provide details to create a Digi Yatra ID which includes:
- Name
- Email ID
- Mobile Number
- Details of Identity (Voter Id, Driving License, Aadhar etc)

Digi Yatra ID

The traveller will need to give their Digi Yatra ID every time they book a flight ticket if they want to avail this service

Entry at Airport via
Digi Yatra ID

The passenger will need to scan the ticket or boarding pass (both digital and physical will work) at the entry gate

Face verification on
Digi Yatra system

Digi Yatra system will verify the identity of the traveller by Face Recognition and will then open the gate

Digi Yatra ID merges
with PNR number

Once you’re inside the airport, Digi Yatra Face ID and ticket PNR are merged into a single token for the rest of the journey at the airport

Security Check and
Boarding Gate

Digi Yatra passengers will be able to gain entry to the security area and aircraft Boarding through e-Gate that will be operated using a Facial Recognition System

Benefits of Digi Yatra

The traveler will not need to carry their boarding pass at the airport. The airlines will also have real-time data on the location of a passenger within the airport

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