Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates: Net worth of World’s Richest Tech Billionaires

11 of the top 25 billionaires in the world have been associated with big tech companies. Check out the top 10 billionaires who have the tech sector to thank for their wealth

Top Tech Billionaires

Elon Musk is best known for his tweets and hustle. He is the CEO of five companies - Tesla, Twitter, Starlink, Boring Co, and Neuralink

Elon Musk Net worth:
$187 billion

Founder of e-commerce giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos has now stepped away from his role at the company. He also owns the space company Blue Origin which aspires to go to Mars and is the owner of the news platform, The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos Net worth:
$121 billion

Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is known for his contribution to the tech world and even more now for his philanthropic activities

Bill Gates Net worth:
$117 billion

Larry Ellison founded Oracle, an American multinational computer technology company. Additionally, he owns stakes in Salesforce.com, NetSuite, Quark Biotechnology, and Astex Pharmaceuticals

Larry Ellison Net worth:
$102 billion

Steve Ballmer is an American businessman and investor who served as Microsoft CEO from 2000 to 2014. He is the current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA

Steve Ballmer Net worth:
$92.1 billion

Larry Page is the co-founder of Alphabet, the holding company for Google, the world's biggest search engine

Larry Page Net worth:
$88.6 billion

Also the co-founder of Alphabet, Sergey Brin still remains a controlling shareholder and a board member of the tech company

Sergey Brin Net worth:
$84.8 billion

Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the social media website Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms. He is the chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder of Meta

Mark Zuckerberg Net worth:
$64.3 billion

Zhang Yiming is a Chinese internet entrepreneur known for founding ByteDance in 2012. Yiming also developed the news aggregator Toutiao and the video-sharing platform TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly

Zhang Yiming Net worth:
$54.9 billion

Michael Dell is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies. It makes computer hardware and laptops

Michael Dell Net worth:
$49.2 billion

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