Elon Musk’s
Twitter: Layoffs,
Widespread Verification
And More

Elon Musk has caused an upheaval in the Twitter
office since his takeover of the social media platform
in a $44 billion deal

Elon Musk, The Musketeer Helming Twitter

Twitter fired nearly 50% of the workforce in the last week. In India, the entire communication, sales, marketing and some more teams were laid off

Twitter Layoffs 

Elon Musk said layoffs
were essential to trim
costs and make profits.
He cited drop in ad
revenue each day as a
major reason for layoffs

Twitter Layoffs 

However, Twitter has reportedly reached out to dozens of employees who lost their jobs, asking them to come back as they were either fired in error or are too essential for the company

Fired. Not Fired?

Twitter introduced a new feature called 'Official' badge only to roll it back the same day as it created more confusion than clarity

Twitter ‘Official Badge’

Elon Musk in his most
recent tweets said that Twitter will introduce many changes in the coming months to see what works and what doesn’t 

‘Many Dumb Things’
In Store

Making full use of his newly acquired platform, Twitter, Elon Musk said that Twitter’s mission is to “become the most accurate source of information about the world”

Twitter: The Most Accurate Source Of Information

Elon Musk tweeted that
any Twitter handles found impersonating, without clearly specifying parody, will be permanently suspended 


Elon Musk also made it
clear that no warnings will be issued before suspension of Twitter handles as they
are rolling out widespread verification

No Warning! 

Elon Musk also specified
that any name change in
the Twitter handle will
lead to a temporary loss
of verified checkmark

No Change In
Names Allowed

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