Epic Games Launcher CrashesAfter Death Stranding’s Free Release

Epic Games Store
Winter Sale

After giving Death Stranding out for free as part of the winter sale, the Epic Games Store might have landed into a serious problem

Death Stranding for Free

Death Stranding was accessible for free to players, and the offer is valid for quite some time in the winter sale. Unprecedented demand for the offer caused the store's launcher to go down

Epic Games
Launcher Crashes

The Epic Games Launcher’s crash came after an excessive server load, as many people were there on the website to get the game Death Stranding for free

Epic Games: Eases
Access To The Game

To keep things easy, the Epic Games store has made it possible for users to download the game directly from Epic Games' website 

How To Download
The Game?

Users can download Death Stranding by logging into their accounts on the website, searching for the game, and adding it to their own libraries

Epic Games Store
Holiday Sale

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2022 is a 15-day program which is offering both indie and AAA titles

Death Stranding:
Downloading Issues

Even though the free version of the game Death Stranding can be easily redeemed from Epic Games Store website on any browser, downloading the game will require Epic Games’ own launcher for installation via the app

Death Stranding:
A Masterpiece

Since its debut, Death Stranding has received several awards and praise for being a true masterpiece. The game is directed by Hideo Kojima. The post-apocalyptic setting of the game eliminates the distinction between the living and the dead

Death Stranding:
How To Play?

To play the game, the only hope for humanity must be carefully transported over enormous regions by players. Along the way, many opponents will appear and attacking them from the front might not be the best course of action

Plan & Play The All New Death Stranding 

To accomplish the goals and win in Death Stranding, players must strategically plan their paths to stay clear of enemies and other obstacles

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