Top Google Searches 2022 In India

Google is back with its 2022 yearender collation of what people searched the most on this search engine in the form of ‘Google Year In Search’. Know what is the most searched thing on Google in 2022

Google Year In Search 

As part of 2022 Google Trends, the top Google search results have been divided into different categories - 
 - Most searched people on Google
- Most searched things on Google
- Most searched movies on Google
- Most searched news events on Google

Google Trends 2022

Google has given a list of top things searched by Indians this year. Here is a sneak-peak. 
- Rank 1 - Indian Premier League (IPL)
- Rank 2 - CoWIN, COVID vaccine near me
- Rank 3 - FIFA World Cup 2022

What India searched on Google in 2022

Here are a few movies which have been searched the most by the Indians on Google India - 
- Rank 4 - Brahmastra
- Rank 5 - KGF 2

Most Searched Movies On Google India

The inquisitive Indians used Google search engine to know more about certain things using, ‘What is’ query. The top Google What is searches 2022 are - 
- Agneepath Scheme
- Article 370

Google Year In Search -
What Is Category

Google Maps and Google Location detector have been used to find nearby resources on Google in 2022. Some of the top Google near me searches are - 

Trending Google ‘Near Me’
Searches 2022

- Covid vaccine near me
- Swimming pools near me
- Water parks near me 
- Malls near me 
- Metro stations near me

Trending Google ‘Near Me’
Searches 2022

From politicians to Bollywood actors, here are a few most searched personalities on Google India in 2022
- Nupur Sharma
- Droupadi Murmu
- Rishi Sunak
- Lalit Modi
- Sushmita Sen

Most Searched People On Google 2022

The year 2022 had been an eventful one with multiple issues grabbing national attention. Here are a few most searched news events in 2022 

 - Demise of Lata Mangeshkar, Sidhu Moose Wala, Queen Elizabeth, Shane Warne

Most Searched News Events In Google 2022 List

- Russia Ukraine war
- UP Elections
- Har Ghar Tiranga

Most Searched News Events In Google 2022 List

Indian don’t just love to eat but they also like to cook their special recipes as shown by Google Trends 2022. Some of the most searched recipes on Google are - 
 - Paneer Pasanda

Most Searched Recipes On Google In 2022

- Modak
- Sex on the beach cocktail
- Chicken Soup

Most Searched Recipes On Google In 2022

Two years after being locked up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finally in 2022, the world opened up and hosted some much-awaited sports events. Some of the sports events which became part of the top Google searches in 2022 are - 

Most Searched Sports
Events on Google

- Indian Premier League
- FIFA World Cup
- Asia Cup
- ICC Men’s T20 World Cup
- Commonwealth Games

Most Searched Sports
Events on Google

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