South Korea’s capital city will be in the Metaverse

Seoul’s replica in
the metaverse

South Korea will be bringing a replica of its capital city, Seoul, to the metaverse

Metaverse Seoul

The city will be called Metaverse Seoul and will have its own municipal infrastructure. Citizens will be able to use avatars to move around in the city

What can you do in Metaverse Seoul?

People will be able to buy real estate in Metaverse Seoul. It will also help in advertising and promotion of small businesses of the real city of Seoul

Mental health and
Metaverse Seoul

Seoul’s youth would also be able to access counselling in Metaverse Seoul. This will be easier for those who would like to keep their identity anonymous during the process

When will Metaverse
Seoul be completed?

As per current plans, the construction of Metaverse Seoul would be completed by 2026

Other Metverse
investments by
South Korea

South Korea has been expanding its metaverse initiatives as a part of its “Digital New Deal” initiative. The country announced plans to earmark about $200 million to fund metaverse projects in 2022

South Korea’s
crypto stance

South Korea’s recently elected President Yoon Suk-Yeol, is said to have a pro-crypto stance. His pro-crypto stance made him extremely popular among South Korean youth. Suk-Yeol promised moderation in crypto taxation during his election campaign

South Korea’s CBDC

The Bank of Korea, South Korea’s central bank is also very keen on its own CBDC. The central bank reportedly completed a test run of its Central Bank Digital Currency in November

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Story by: Aakanksha Chaturvedi
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