Microsoft Outage: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams down in India

Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams down 

Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams have suffered a massive outage in India leaving thousands of users in a lurch during their office hours as per the outage tracking website

Microsoft Teams down detected more than 3,700 incidents of people reporting issues with Microsoft Teams in India

Microsoft India outage

Several people shared their reactions and complained about the non-functional Microsoft Teams on social media

Microsoft’s statement
on outage

Microsoft issued an official statement as it said, “We're investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info can be found in the admin center under MO502273”

Microsoft Teams,
Microsoft Outlook
Outage; Memes

Netizens were quick to respond to the Microsoft outage with memes

Did Microsft fire the wrong people?

Soon after Microsoft suffered outage, netizens shared several memes as some of them asked if the company fired the wrong people. Microsoft had laid off several employees recently

Microsoft India outage spark reactions

As we are one day away from the Republic Day on January 26, some netizens planned to to finish their work a bit early and take off but alas Microsoft had other plans

It has been over an hour since the Microsoft outage and services have not been resumed yet

Microsoft services down

Microsoft suffers second major outage in an year

Microsoft had suffered an outage back in June 2022 which was at a worldwide level caused by an infrastructure glitch. Though, the cause behind the recent outage is still unknown

Major tech outages

Other tech giants have also suffered multiple outages in the recent past. Back in October, Whats App suffered a major outage. Few days later, Instagram also faced an outage

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