Microsoft President Brad Smith talks AI
and its future at India Today Conclave 2023

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Brad Smith, Vice Chairman and President of Microsoft, discussed the potential and pitfalls of generative AI with India Today & Aaj Tak News Director Rahul Kanwal at the India Today Conclave 2023. Smith said that AI could be as big as the Internet.

Microsoft President Brad
Smith at India Today Conclave

"This should be an extraordinarily helpful tool to help teachers grade what students submit. With the help of ChatGPT, you free up an hour of a teacher's time that they can go spend doing something more productive," said Microsoft’s Brad Smith.

AI's impact on teachers

Brad Smith said, "If there's one limitation to everything that we've seen about generative AI so far, we haven't yet seen it in a single instance, create an idea that no human had already created and put up on the internet."

Biggest limitation of AI 

Brad Smith admitted, "Every new technology like this unsettles people in some ways at first, and then we all eventually just incorporate it into our lives for good or bad."

New tech can be
unsettling at first

"I find that I can get answers to questions much more quickly. And when you can get an answer more quickly. It enables you to go more quickly as well to think about the next question,” said Brad Smith.

With AI, get
answers quicker 

Bing Chat AI bot
being eccentric

"We immediately put in new guard rails at that point. Whenever you have a technology that is this new, you really have to be thoughtful. You have to get it out of the lab in order to find its flaws,” said Brad Smith.

Putting guardrails in
place for Bing AI

"Well, Sydney was never alive. Therefore, there was never any instance where anyone killed it. It was a codename for some other work that was tested in India,” said Brad Smith.

AI chatbot alter
ego Sydney killed? 

"We're going to see these models continue to get better. And being better means that they're going to be more powerful in terms of their ability to reason,” said Brad Smith.

What's next for AI
language models? 

"They will go to multimodal models, which means the ability to not just understand words, but images, sound video, take all of that in reason on it and produce things in that form,” said Brad Smith.

AI will understand images, sound and videos 

"You're going to see how we're bringing this into our products, in new ways, what we think of as our first-party applications which will be great for communication, collaboration and productivity,” said Brad Smith.

AI in different products 

"What we're doing for our products, everybody can do by accessing these models on Microsoft Azure. One of the places where we're seeing this kind of innovation moves the fastest is in India,” said Brad Smith

India embracing AI

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