New Google Tool Can Create A Video With Just Text

After Meta’s ‘Make A Video’, Google launched a text-to-video Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool named Imagen Video

Google’s AI Tool

Produced in Google’s AI test kitchen, this Text-To-Video tool can produce 1280×768 videos – at 24 frames per second – from a written prompt

Imagen Video - Google’s
Text-To-Video tool

- Generating videos of artwork by famous painters
- 3D rotating objects
- Rendering text by various animation styles

Google’s Imagen Video Features

- Noise-cancellation augmentation
- Internal dataset with 14 million videos, 60 million images

Google’s Text-To-Video
tool Imagen Video

Step 1 - Take an input text prompt
Step 2 - Encode it into textual embeddings
Step 3 - Video Diffusion Model generates 16-frame video

How Does Google’s
Imagen Video Work?

Step 4 - Generate 128 frame video
Step 5 - 5.3s of high-definition video created

How To Use Google’s
Imagen Video tool

- DALL-E 2
Stable Diffusion and Midjourney
- Microsoft
- Meta

Competition to Google’s
Imagen Video

- Copyright issues
- Abuse of art
- Threat to future of artists’ jobs

Criticism against
Google’s Imagen Video

- Google’s AI tool Imagen Video beta can create fantasy buildings, Pixar-style monsters
- Demo of Google’s Imagen Video includes coffee pouring into a cup

Offerings by Google’s
Imagen Video

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Produced By: Bhoomika Aggarwal
Designed By: Mohsin Shaikh

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