Tech Layoffs: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and now Zoom; A look at major IT job cuts

Amazon layoffs

Amazon laid off over 18,000 people. CEO Andy Jassy said the layoffs would primarily be in its human resources and stores divisions

IBM layoffs

IBM’s layoff of 3,900 came as it missed its annual cash target. Chief Financial Officer James Kavanaugh said that the company was still "committed to hiring for client-facing research and development."

Meta layoffs

Meta handed pink slips to 11,000 employees globally in November 2022. The company even rescinded full-time job offers from potential candidates in 2023

Microsoft job cuts

Microsoft let go of 10,000 employees or less than 5% of its workforce, as they "braced for slower revenue growth."

Alphabet/Google layoffs

Google laid off 12,000 people from its workforce. Rising interest rates, inflation, and cut back on online ad spending were the major reasons provided by the company

Salesforce layoffs

Salesforce began laying off 7,000 workers or 10 per cent of its workforce in January 2023. "The environment remains challenging,” CEO Marc Benioff said

Zoom job cuts

Zoom laid off 1,300 employees, about 15 per cent of its workforce as pandemic-fueled demand decelerated

eBay layoffs

eBay laid off 500 employees in February 2023 'to invest and create new roles in high-potential areas'

HP layoffs

Computer maker HP cited economic challenges while laying off 6,000 employees last year

Dell layoffs

Dell recently slashed over 6,600 jobs or 5 per cent of its workforce in February 2023 owing to "market conditions that continue to erode with an uncertain future"

Disney layoffs

The job cuts are not just impacting the IT sector. Disney has announced cutting 7,000 jobs to save $5.5 billion and make its streaming business profitable

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