Top 10 Whatsapp Updates in 2022 THAT MADE LIFE EASIER FOR USERS

WhatsApp Updates In 2022

WhatsApp has enabled several features in 2022 to make the messaging app more user friendly. Take a look at the top ten features like 32-person video calls, Message yourself feature, and more

32-person video
call on WhatsApp

WhatsApp enabled 32 people to be on a single video, which is four times the earlier number

WhatsApp feature to mute participants

In a multi-user video call, long pressing on a participant's name or number enlarges the video or audio feed and allows the user to either mute or message them separately

WhatsApp video call link

Like a Zoom link, one can now also share a WhatsApp video call link. The company also launched other features to become more user-friendly

WhatsApp Feature: Voice
note multi-tasking

It is now possible to multitask and move out of the WhatsApp chat window without pausing an ongoing voice note

Remember playback
& Fast playback

If the user pauses a voice message, he or she can pick up from where it was left off. WhatsApp also introduced an option to speed your way through longer voice notes by playing them at 1.5x or 2x speed

WhatsApp Feature: Message yourself

A user can send messages to herself/ himself. So there is no need to share notes to self on an empty group chat

Large file sharing on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be used for sharing files, photos, and videos up to 2GB, it was previously limited to 100MB

Android to Apple transfer

WhatsApp provided a way where users can transfer chats and settings, when moving from an Android phone to an iPhone

WhatsApp Communities

This supergroup feature that combines multiple WhatsApp groups of similar natures has helped reduce the anxiety of compulsive texters as a single message can now be broadcast everywhere

In-chat polls & more
group participants

WhatsApp introduced a feature to conduct polls in chat and also increased the number of participants in a group chat to 1,024

WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Report WhatsApp Status, 6 Digit Code To Log In

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