Twitter Blue, Gold, Grey Ticks

Twitter Blue has launched two badges - standard Blue checkmark and Gold checkmark,  specifically for Twitter Business accounts. The company will also release a new Grey checkmark for govt-owned Twitter handles

Blue, Gold, and Grey ticks on Twitter

Twitter bookmark folders

Twitter Blue subscribers can organize their saved Tweets into folders for easier access. They can create an unlimited number of bookmarks and folders, which are always private

Custom Twitter app icons

Users can change the appearance of the Twitter app icon on their phones. Several options are available, and new featured looks may be added on a limited basis

Twitter themes

Twitter Blue subscribers can choose from a selection of colourful app themes

Custom navigation

Twitter users can select which items appear in their navigation bar for quick access to the content they care about most. They can select two to six items to keep in the bottom navigation bar, or restore to default if they change their mind

This shortcut provides a list of the most-shared articles from people the user follows, and those they follow. This allows users to easily find the type of content they want to read

Top Articles on Twitter

This feature turns long threads into a more readable format, allowing users to enjoy threads with less noise. They can turn on the Reader feature by tapping the reader icon at the top of the thread, or use it to change their text size

Twitter Reader

Users can retract their tweets before it is visible to other users. It provides a chance to the users to preview a tweet and revise it before it is posted. Once the Undo period is over, the tweet will be viewable to followers

Undo Tweet

In the US, the subscription price for Twitter Blue is: 

- $8 for those who purchase it via the website
- $11 for those who purchase it via iOS and Apple App Store

Twitter Blue pricing

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