Twitter Office Auction: Weird items Elon Musk sold to save Twitter

Twitter in a fix

Twitter is in troubled waters and by extension, so is Elon Musk. The billionaire is allegedly struggling to pay rent for Twitter's office spaces

No profit so far

Musk purchased the social media company for $44 billion last year and has failed to generate profit so far

Auctioning off
office items

In order to make good use of resources, Twitter is conducting auctions. Various office products are now on sale

Office furniture
on sale

In the auction, you have run-of-the-mill office furniture like chairs, desks and more

Fancy coffee machines

There were some fancy coffee machines that were once used by the brilliant minds at Twitter. The bids went over $13,000 or Rs 10.50 lakhs

Twitter office:
Quirky Chairs

Apart from conventional items, there's some quirky furniture like leather lounge chairs, rocking chairs and more

The Twitter Bird Statue

What takes the cake is an almost 4 ft wide statue of the Twitter bird. The bid stood at a whopping $100,000 or Rs 81.25 lakh

Neon Twitter Bird

There's also a neon Twitter bird that earned a final bid much higher than $22,500 or Rs 18.30 lakh

Twitter office: '@'
Planter Sculpture

The list of items also includes a 'planter sculpture' in the form of '@'

Twitter office: Charging

'Rock the Bike Fender Pro Recharge Station' was also up for sale. It essentially uses kinetic energy to recharge your electronic devices. You just have to keep pedaling

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