10 Fun DIY Projects for a Weekend at Home: Herb Garden, Homemade Candles and more

Turn your kitchen into a green oasis by creating an indoor herb garden using recycled jars or pots.

DIY ideas:
Indoor Herb Garden

Give your living room a personal touch by creating a picture collage wall using frames and family photos.

DIY ideas:
Picture Collage Wall

Add some bohemian flair to your indoor plants by creating a macrame plant hanger.

DIY ideas: Macrame
Plant Hanger

Get cosy and imaginative by building a blanket fort in your living room.

DIY ideas: Cozy Blanket Fort

Upgrade your bedroom by creating a unique headboard from reclaimed wood or upholstered fabric.

DIY Headboard

Give your plants a pop of colour with hand-painted ceramic planters.

DIY ideas: Hand-Painted
Ceramic Planters

Give your floors a pop of pattern by stencilling a design onto a plain rug or piece of fabric.

DIY ideas: Stencilled Rug

Add some personality to your walls with decorative wall art made from materials like washi tape or string art.

DIY ideas:
Decorative Wall Art

Maximise your storage space with a ladder bookcase made from repurposed wooden ladders.

DIY ideas: Ladder Bookshelf

Create a relaxing ambience with handmade candles in unique scents and shapes.

DIY Handmade Candles

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