74th Republic Day: Check out the many firsts for this January 26

Republic Day: The
Many First This Year

On January 26, 2023, India will commemorate its 74th Republic Day. The preparations are well underway. This year will be extra special because all of the equipment, including ammunition, displayed on the Kartavya path will demonstrate India's power of indigenisation

Republic Day: Tickets
and Venue

This year's Republic Day celebrations will take place on the newly renovated Central Vista Avenue. The central government has made 32,000 tickets available for purchase online to the general public

Kartavya Path

Since Rajpath was changed to "Kartavya Path" last year, this will be the first Republic Day celebrations that will be held at the formal boulevard

105 mm Indian field guns

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This year, as the government pushes its Make in India initiative, 105 mm Indian field guns will replace the vintage artillery with 25-pounder guns that typically fires the thunderous ceremonial 21-Gun Salute during the Republic Day celebrations

Women will join the BSF Camel Contingent for the first time

BSF Camel Contingent

Aerial show

The Navy's IL-38 will be featured in the aerial show for the first and possibly final time, along with nine Rafale aircraft. The IL-38, a maritime reconnaissance aircraft, has around 42 years of Indian Navy service

Bheem and Bajrang

Aside from the IL-38 aircraft, formations such as 'Bheem' and 'Vajrang' will be displayed for the first time over the Kartavya Path

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Egyptian Army

On January 26, an Egyptian Army military contingent will participate in the Republic Day parade in India. 144 members of the Egyptian military contingent will march in the parade


The Indian Air Force flypast will feature a multi-role, light attack helicopter made in-country called the Prachand

3-D anamorphic

During the Beating Retreat Ceremony in 2023, a 3-D anamorphic projection on the North and South Block's façade will be organised for the first time

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