80-year-old Woman Runs Tata Mumbai Marathon In Saree And Sneakers. Watch Viral Video

Tata Mumbai Marathon:
80-year-old runner 

The 18th edition of Tata Mumbai Marathon saw over 55,000 participants enthusiastically partaking in the event. But one participant who stood out in the marathon was an 80-year-old woman who inspired everyone by running in her saree and sneakers 

5th Time At The

The octogenarian identified as Bharti clocked 4.2 kms in 51 minutes. The woman who was seen giving interviews in a video circulated online mentioned that this was her fifth time participating in the marathon

Video Shared By

The 80-year-old woman’s granddaughter, Dimple Mehta Fernandes, shared a video of her participating in the marathon. She posted the video with the caption “So inspired by the sheer will and grit of my 80-year-old Nani who ran the TATA Marathon this Sunday.” 

Viral Video:
80-year-old runner 

In the viral video, the 80-year-old woman can be seen comfortably walking and running in saree and sneakers, along with the other participants. She can be seen holding the Indian Tricolour in her hands

Practising For The
Marathon Everyday 

In the video, the elderly woman said that she has been practising for the marathon early morning every day when fewer people are on the road

Proud To Be Indian 

When asked why she is holding the tricolour, the 80-year-old said that she is proud to be an Indian and wants people to know about her national identity

Internet Fanning Over
Octogenarian Runner 

The internet went gaga over the octogenarian's spirit and her enthusiasm for fitness. Many users applauded her energy and grit and hailed her as an inspiration

Milind Soman’s Mother 

In 2017, fitness model Milind Soman’s mother Usha also left the internet stunned as she joined Soman for a marathon 

Saree Clad
Septuagenarian Runner 

Clad in a saree, Milind Soman’s septuagenarian mother was seen running along with him in a widely shared video online 

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