AI-Generated Images of Indian Wedding Couples, People From Different States, Spark Row

AI-Generated Indian Wedding Portraits

While speech-to-image and speech-to-text Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are gaining prominence in the tech world, the AI images of Indians belonging to different states and regional couples have sparked a debate

AI Art Faces Flak For

A netizen with the Twitter handle @bagardh shared a few AI-generated images of Indian couples at weddings, which were criticised for inaccurately depicting Indian wedding rituals from various regions.

AI Art Faces Flak For

Recently, AI-generated 'stereotypical' images of Indians shared by Delhi-based artist Madhav Kohli were also slammed by netizens

AI-generated Images
Spark Row

Take a look at some of the viral AI-generated images of Indians and Indian wedding couples that left the internet divided

AI-Generated Image of Bengali Wedding Couple

Bengali families often follow the tradition named ‘Tattva’ as part of which the groom’s family gifts Rohu fish, a symbol of good luck and prosperity to the bride’s family, ....

AI-Generated Image of Bengali Wedding Couple

....but the AI-generated images not just depicted the couple’s appearance in a stereotypical way but the presence of large fish in the frame also irked the netizens. The bride seemed to have six fingers instead of five 

AI-Generated Image of Bihari Wedding Couple

The AI-generated Bihari couple’s image showed them wearing white clothes which were also pointed out as some of the netizens wrote that a “Bihari bride never wears white” and the orange, yellow-coloured vermillion is absent

AI-Generated Images of Indian Women; Reactions

A Twitter user wrote, “Generalizations are always false, including this. Please don’t spread such”

AI-Generated Image of Punjabi Woman

Further, a Punjab-based woman was shown wearing a traditional Punjabi suit accessorised with golden ‘maang tika’ and jewellery. One of the netizens mocked it saying that “She looks like your Punjabi cousin who lived abroad”, again depicting the stereotypical image of a Punjabi woman in the media

State-Wise AI-Generated Images of Indians

The AI-generated images of women apparently from Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and other states were not lauded either

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