Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama
as wrestlers! Check out viral AI images
of US Presidents

Produced by Mehak Agarwal
Designed by: Pragati

Cam Harless used Photoshop and AI to make AI-generated photographs of 46 US Presidents as wrestlers. Harless has around 16,000 Twitter followers and his Twitter thread has garnered over 5.3 million views so far.

AI-generated images of
US Presidents

George Washington held
‘collar and elbow’ wrestling

First US President George Washington had a penchant for wrestling apart from politics. He also held a ‘collar and elbow’ wrestling championship at the age of 18.

Abraham Lincoln was not only one of the most famous politicians in history but also an equally impressive wrestler. Lincoln reportedly had 300 victories in 12 years, as per Olympics website.

Abraham Lincoln and
his wrestling talent

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump is famous for taking swipes at the press from time to time. Harless featured the former POTUS as a burly wrestler donning a pair of black shorts.

Current US President Joe Biden, who is often seen fumbling and mumbling in front of the press, was seen as a muscular hunk in this beefed up version of US Presidents.

Joe Biden

The 44th US President is known for ordering the counterterrorism raid that killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden in 2011. Here, he has been shown as a rugged wrestler who is ready to take on his opponents. 

Barack Obama 

The 26th US President was a regular when it came to his wrestling workouts throughout his term as the New York Governor. Theodore Roosevelt was featured as a burly wrestler dressed in a black and brown leather waistcoat. 

Theodore Roosevelt

The 40th US President, who survived an assassination attempt in 1981, was featured as a strappy wrestler with US flag stripes on his forehead and chest.

Ronald Reagan

The 42nd President of US, who advocated rights to safe and legal abortion, was featured as a strappy wrestler in a blue coat.

Bill Clinton 

Seventh President Andrew Jackson, 18th President Ulysses S Grant, and 21st President Chester A Arthur also had a love for wrestling in common among them. 

Other US Presidents
who loved wrestling 

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