Air India Flight: Drunk Man Urinates On Elderly Woman In Business Class

Man Urinates In
Air India Flight

An inebriated male passenger exposed himself and urinated on a female passenger travelling on a New York to Delhi flight AI 102 on November 26, 2022

Air India Passenger
Urinates On Elderly

As per Air India, the alleged culprit unzipped and urinated over an elderly woman, reportedly in her 70s, while she was seated in business class

Passenger Complains To
Tata Group Chairman

Days after the Air India officials allegedly failed to take any action against the culprit, the victim wrote to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekharan about the incident and complained about lack of proper action 

Air India Passenger
Urinates In Flight

The victim complained that AI cabin crew were insensitive to the situation and simply gave her a pair of pyjamas and slippers to change into, and no action was taken against the male passenger

Air India’s Clarification
Over The Incident

Air India, when contacted by India Today, said “We are aware of the incident involving a passenger who had behaved in an unacceptable manner, affecting another. Air India has reported the incident to police and regulatory authorities for them to further investigate and take any necessary action against the misbehaving party.”

Air India Passenger

Air India claimed they ensured proper action and further said, “We have also been in regular contact with the aggrieved passenger and her family during the investigation and reporting process.”

DGCA Takes Cognizance

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has sought a report from Air India and has put the culprit on no-fly list for 30 days

Woman Asked To Remove
Shirt At Bengaluru Airport

In another incident on Jan 3, a passenger tweeted, “I was asked to remove my shirt at Bengaluru airport during security check. It was really humiliating to stand there at the security checkpoint wearing just a camisole and getting the kind of attention you’d never want as a woman.”

Bengaluru Airport Row

Bengaluru Airport authorities took cognizance and promised an immediate redressal 

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