Air Pollution:
Spike in Delhi,
Mumbai, Gurugram,
Noida and more

Due to increasing air pollution, burning sensation in the eyes, constant breathing problems and foul smell in the air are some of the common experiences across Delhi and other metros

Air Pollution in
Delhi, Mumbai

Each year around November, the air quality levels start dropping to dangerous levels in North India coupled with toxic fumes from the burning stubble in the fields of Haryand and Punjab

Air Pollution in India

- Difficulty in breathing
- Lung diseases
- Dementia
- Heart diseases
- Impact on foetal health of pregnant women
- Irritation in eyes, ears etc.

Effects of Air

Smoke from burning stubble makes up for up to 45% of Delhi’s pollution - IQAir’s World Air Quality Report

Delhi - 14.6% increase in PM2.5 concentration in 2021 

Air Pollution Due To
Stubble Burning

- Stringent norms for fuel
and vehicles
- Promoting the use of e-vehicles
Public transport fleet modernisation
- Using clean fuels such as Hydrogen and Nitrogen
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Solutions To Curb
Air Pollution

- Strict implementation of Air pollution Act 1981
- Stringent emission standards for industries
- Mandate the use of clean fuels

How To Curb Air

- LPG must replace 'choolahs', traditional Indian fire stoves
- Finding alternatives to stubble burning

How To Curb Air

- Wear face masks
Avoid going outdoors early morning and late night
- Install air purifiers at home and work places
- Plant special air purifying plants across home

Prevention From
Air Pollution

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