Angry Indians in 2022: Mid-flight Brawls To Bride Slapping Groom

Indians Go
Aggressive in 2022

The Chinese Calendar defined 2022 as the Year of the Tiger, which many Indians took very literally while fighting and literally beating up each other in public over petty issues this year

Angry Indians: Viral Videos

Netizens took to several social media platforms to share these videos of ‘Angry Indians’ which went viral in no time. Let’s have a look at some of these viral fights

Bride Slaps Groom, ‘Kalesh’
Captured In Viral Video

It’s wedding season and how can we end it without some bride and groom drama. A video of an intense fight between the bride and groom went viral recently. The groom is forcefully trying to feed sweets to the bride and upon getting angry, the bride slaps the groom

JEE Students Fight
Over Marks

A video of two JEE students went viral, where the two of them can be seen having a fist fight. The reason behind the fight was reportedly an issue over marks

Viral Bishop Cotton
Girls School Fight

An unidentified video of girls from Bengaluru's prestigious Bishop Cotton Girls School  fighting on Bengaluru streets went viral. The alleged reason behind the fight was an argument between the two girls over one of their boyfriends and a fake date 

Fighting Crowd At A Wedding Ceremony

A video of a crowd fight went viral, where while the ‘jaimala’ ceremony was going on the stage, the people in the crowd started physically assaulting each other. Surprisingly, the bride and the groom remained unaffected and continued with the ceremony

Noida Woman Slaps
Security Guard

A video of a Noida woman slapping the security guard of her building went viral. A police investigation revealed the reason behind the fight. It was over the guard’s delay in opening the main gate of the society 

Angry Noida Woman
Beats Up House Help

A CCTV footage of a woman shown beating and dragging her domestic help out of an elevator in Noida went viral recently

Indigo Air Hostess,
Passenger’s Argument

In a recent viral video, an Indigo air hostess and a passenger engaged in a verbal spat after he misbehaved with her over meals served onboard

Viral Video of Mid-Air
Fight On Bangkok To
Kolkata Flight

Another video went viral where some passengers onboard a Thai Smile Airways flight got into a major fist fight. This was after one of the passengers refused to adjust his reclined seat as part of the flight’s takeoff measures

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