US Bomb Cyclone Kills 60, Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc 

US snow storm 2022

Bomb cyclone leading to extreme cold weather has ravaged the US, dampening the Christmas and New Year holidays

Deadly US Snow Storm

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Termed as ‘once in a generation event’, the US winter storm has turned out to be deadly as it has killed at least 60 people, mostly living in Buffalo, a city in the New York state

Bomb Cyclone In US,

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US National Weather Service reported record-breaking cold weather stats with the temperature falling to -53 degrees Celsius in Western Canada, -38 in Minnesota and -13 in Dallas

What Is Bomb Cyclone?

A bomb cyclone, or bombogenesis, is a quickly intensifying storm that occurs when air pressure drops 20 millibars or more within 24 hours. For instance, Denver’s temperature dropped -33 degrees Celsius within seven hours

Impact Of US Winter
Storm: Warning

US National Weather Service has issued a warning related to US blizzard. It said such cold can lead to frostbite on exposed skin within a matter of minutes, hypothermia and even death if exposed to these conditions for too long. This makes travel of any kind "dangerous" and even "impossible", it added

US Winter Storm:
Viral Videos

As some of the videos reflect the challenges posed by snow-covered roads and houses, a man threw boiling water into cold air which turned into snow within a few seconds

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US Weather Today:
Roads Blocked

Visuals of people getting stuck in their cars, and taking measures to protect themselves from unprecedented cold showcase the worsening impact of US winter storm

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US cyclone 2022:
Power crisis

New York is under a state of emergency, as millions are trapped under the snow as cyclones caused temperatures to drop and led to a power crisis

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Cold Wave in North India: Temperature dip in Delhi, Rajasthan

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