Captain Shiva Chauhan: First
Woman Officer Deployed In Siachen

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Shiva Chauhan
posted at Siachen

Captain Shiva Chauhan of Fire and Fury Corps has become the first woman officer to be deployed at the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen. Talk about breaking the glass ceiling!

Credit: Indian Army

Indian Army officer
Shiva Chauhan

Indian Army officer Shiva Chauhan has been deployed at Siachen’s Kumar post at an altitude of around 15,600 feet for a three-month stint

Shiva Chauhan to serve nation in sub-zero temperatures

Shiva Chauhan had to undergo rigorous training to prepare herself to perform her duty at the snow-filled Siachen glacier where the average winter snowfall is more than 1000 cm (35 ft) and temperatures can dip up to −50 °C (−58 °F)

Shiva Chauhan's training
for Siachen Glacier

Officer Shiva’s training included endurance training, avalanche and crevasse rescue, ice wall climbing and survival drills at the Siachen Battle School alongside other Indian Army officers 

Indian Army posts Shiva Chauhan's video

Credit: Indian Army

The Indian Army posted a training video of Shiva Chauhan as she was seen mock climbing a wall to prepare herself for Siachen Glaciers, Shiva was then seen scaling icy mountains along with other officers

Shiva Chauhan’s story

Shiva Chauhan, known to be a fighter since a tender age, lost her father early on and was raised by her mother. She did her schooling from Udaipur and graduated from NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur, in civil engineering

Shiva Chauhan at academy

As per a statement by the Indian Army, Shiva was motivated to join the Indian Armed Forces and showed unparalleled zeal at Officers Training Academy in Chennai. She was commissioned into Engineer Regiment in May 2021

Indian Army congratulates Shiva Chauhan

The Indian Army had earlier issued a statement congratulating Shiva on achieving this feat. It said, “It was a proud moment for Indian Army when Capt Shiva Chauhan became the first woman officer to get operationally deployed at the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen, after a month’s arduous training at Siachen Battle School along with other personnel”

PM Narendra Modi congratulates Shiva Chauhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated Shiva Chauhan and said, “This will make every Indian proud, illustrating the spirit of India's Nari Shakti”

Shiva Chauhan's
Siachen Glacier stint

Shiva’s Siachen Glacier stint began in January 2023 and will end in April

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