Coca-Cola, Pepsi Boost Sexual Health Of Men, Reduce Fertility in Women, claims a study

The carbonated drinks by Coca-Cola and Pepsi have often been pointed out for their ill-effects on the health due to the presence of sugar, fat and other unhealthy elements in it. But this time, the beverages have been allegedly linked to positive impact on the male reproductive health 

Drinks by Coca-Cola,
Pepsi might increase male

As per a study, consumption of soft drinks such as those offered by Coca-Cola and Pepsi could be beneficial for testes development and help prevent prostate dysfunction and cancer

Coca-Cola, Pepsi aid testes

Scientists at China's Northwest Minzu University conducted an experiment on 150 mice as per which drinking beverages such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi could be beneficial for testes development and help prevent prostate dysfunction and cancer. The research was published in USA's National Library Of Medicine

Research conducted to find
link between carbonated
drinks and male sexuality

The scientists found out that "the concentrations of serum testosterone in all mice were enhanced after the Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola treatment" too. According to them, this showed that high doses of these two carbonated beverages could improve testosterone secretion in male mice, alongside aiding testes development

Concentration of
testosterone increases:

But the story isn’t that rosy. Another survey on 2,500 male humans revealed that those who drank a litre of carbonated beverages a day saw their sperm quantity drop by 30% and even in the tested mice, it led to adverse impact on sperm mobility 

Adverse impact of carbonated
drinks on male sexuality

The study also alleges that excessive consumption of carbonated beverages might lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes 

Other ill effects of
carbonated drinks 

The reproductive benefits due to carbonated drinks might only be limited to males. As per another experiment on the female mice, the consumption of carbonated drinks lead to reduced pregnancy rate and foetus numbers 

Carbonated drinks lead to
reduced pregnancy rate? 

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