Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022: See Funniest Photos Here 

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was started in 2015 with the objective of focusing on the lighter, humorous side of wildlife photography 

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The winning shot 

An image of a 3-month-old lion cub falling out of a tree, captured by Jennifer Hadley in Serengeti, is the overall winner. The image is titled 'Not so cat-like reflexes'

‘Talk to the Fin’

Jennifer Hadley also bagged the People's Choice Award for her image of a standoffish penguin snubbing his mate, titled "Talk to the Fin."

Arturo Telle Thiemannhe, a Spanish photographer took home the Underwater Category Award with his photo of two gray triggerfish smiling broadly for the camera

'Say Cheeeese' 

Arshdeep Singh’s picture of a winking owl inside a pipe, won the Think Tank Photo Junior Category 

Winking Owl

Jia Chen won the Amazing Internet Portfolio Award for her series of photos depicting a Cooper's Hawk playing football with a pine cone in Canada

Football With Pine Cone

The image of a heron oblivious to the wide jaws of a hippo yawning behind it won the Creatures of the Air Category Award for Jean Jacques Alcalay

Oblivious Heron 

In addition to the category winners, there were 10 entries that were recognised as highly commended winners including the image of a waving raccoon 

Waving Raccoon 

John Chaney’s picture of a salmon punching a bear in the face also featured in the highly commended winners category 

‘Fight Back’

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