Craziest Inflight Incidents: Air India Mid-Air Peeing, Indigo Scuffle And More

Air India Peeing Incident

Air India recently recently reported an incident that took place on November 26 on a flight from New York to Delhi, where a drunk male passenger peed on a female passenger, a senior citizen, in business class

Who Is Shankar Mishra?

Air India has barred the miscreant passenger Shankar Mishra who peed on fellow septuagenarian passenger from flying with the airlines for 30 days. Based on Air India's complaint with Delhi Police on December 28, Mishra has been charged with sexual harassment and obscenity by Delhi Police and will be arrested soon. He was also fired from his job at Wells Fargo on January 6

Another Mid-Air
Peeing Incident 

Barely a few days after the New York-Delhi Air India flight peeing incident surfaced, a similar episode occurred on a Paris-Delhi Air India flight. A drunk man peed on a female passenger’s blanket

Paris-Delhi Air India Flight Row

As soon as the male passenger deboarded the plane, he was apprehended by the CISF but was later allowed to leave after the two passengers had a "mutual compromise" and the accused tendered a "written apology"

Mid-Air Scuffle On
Thai Smile Airways

A few passengers onboard a Thai Smile Airways plane from Bangkok to Kolkata were reportedly involved in a scuffle on December 26. In a video which went viral on the internet, a man could be seen being slapped multiple times by a few co-passengers

Reason Behind Scuffle
On Thai Smile Airways 

It all started when the crew asked passengers to adjust their seats to upright position for take-off and one of them refused saying he has a backache. As other fliers started complaining about the passenger, one of them got into an argument with him that soon escalated into a full blown fight

Indigo Spat Between
Crew And Passenger 

A heated argument broke out between a passenger and an Indigo flight attendant over onboard meals during the air carrier’s Istanbul-Delhi flight. In a latest development in the viral incident, Indigo’s CEO said “treat our crew in the way you want to be treated.”

Man punches American
Airlines Flight Attendant 

A man punched an American Airlines flight attendant over a cup of coffee. The passenger eventually occupied an empty first-class row. When the staff began requesting him to get back to his seat, verbal threats followed. A male flight attendant decided to walk away from the troublemaker when he struck him down from behind with a punch on his head

Man Assaults Pilot In
Virgin Australia Flight

An intoxicated man was filmed throwing punches at the pilot on a Virgin Australia flight, in a clip that went viral. The man was a business class passenger and was refused alcohol on the plane after which he escalated the matter and got physical with the pilot. He was eventually evicted from the plane

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