Craziest Movie Stunts: Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible And More 

Tom Cruise’s Viral Stunt 

Tom Cruise took to his Twitter to give a peek into what madness awaits in the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel. Cruise will be seen performing an incredible stunt where he’ll be jumping a motorcycle off a cliff and turn it into a base jump

Most Dangerous
Stunt Attempted By
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise revealed in the clip that this is the most dangerous thing they’ve ever attempted. Shot in September 2020 at Norway’s Hellesylt, the stunt for Mission: Impossible 7, took years in the making. Here’s a look at other crazy stunts seen in movies 

Twitter Showers Love

With the release of the BTS clip, Tom Cruise’ fans have gone berserk, hailing the actor’s dedication towards his movies 

Tom Cruise: A Stunt

Tom Cruise isn’t doing this for the first time, he has pulled off many crazy stunts in the past, including his famous Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation stunt wherein he strapped himself to the side of an Airbus and rode into the night sky

Jackie Chan’s
‘Who Am I’ Stunt 

If we’re talking about practical stunts, we can’t miss Jackie Chan. Chan is renowned for performing death-defying stunts in his movies. In the movie, ‘Who Am I’, Chan pulled off an unbelievable feat, labelled the world’s most dangerous stunt by his producers. In one scene, Chan slid down a skyscraper, sans wires and nets!

Keanu Reeves’ Stunt
In Speed 

Keanu Reeves, admired world-over for his generosity and kindness, is also a bit of an action junkie. ‘For his movie ‘Speed’, Reeves slid under a speeding bus and jumped from a moving car onto the moving bus. He rehearsed the stunt on his own, in secret, and pleaded with the director to let him try the stunt himself

Actress and stuntwoman, Zoe Bell performed a dangerous stunt by riding on the hood of a car at over 80 miles per hour, for Quentin Tarantino’s movie "Death Proof"

Zoe Bell’s ‘Death
Proof’ Scene

Back home, Akshay Kumar is one actor who doesn’t shy away from performing life-threatening stunts. In the year 2000, Kumar shocked everyone when he decided to do a breathtaking stunt that involved him standing on top of a plane while it was mid-air, before jumping on a hot balloon

Akshay Kumar’s Stunt
in ‘Khiladi 2000’

Buster Keaton who appeared in “Steamboat Bill, Jr.”, almost a century ago in 1928, still holds the title for being in one of the most stunning scenes ever. The scene in question sees an entire building crash to the ground while Keaton stands in the perfect spot to avoid getting hit

Buster Keaton’s Nail Biting
Scene In 1928 Movie

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