Diwali bonus!
Chennai businessman
gifts cars, bikes to

Diwali is a time of gifting and splurging. In a rare gesture, Chennai-based jeweller Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi gifted cars and bikes to his employees

The owner of Challani Jewellery has rewarded 10 employees with cars and 20 with bikes

Jayanthi Lal says that his employees have been with him through many ups and downs and this is a way of acknowledging their contribution and motivating them

Here are some other instances of generous gift-giving by employers

Savji Dholakia is a magnanimous diamond tycoon from Gujarat, who has given away hundreds of cars and flats to his employees as a bonus for meeting company targets

Dholakia is famous for his extravagant Diwali gifts. 

2014: 491 cars and 207 flats given as Diwali bonus 
2016: 400 flats and 1260 cars gifted to employees
2018: Expensive Mercedes-Benz cars as gifts to three employees

Last Diwali, a Surat-based company Alliance Group, which runs the business of embroidery machines, gifted electric scooters to 35 employees

Subhash Dawar, the Director of the company, said that he decided to gift electric vehicles to his employees in light of surging fuel prices and to encourage the green initiative

With such extravagant gifts, employees are surely going to have a very Happy Diwali!


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