Drunk Italian Passenger On Vistara Flight Hits Cabin Crew, Strips; Pilot Gets Her Tied To Seat During Flight

Italian Woman Creates
Ruckus On Vistara Flight

A 45-year-old Italian woman, identified as Paola Perruccio, created a ruckus on a Vistara flight operating from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai 

What Went Down?

The woman who held a ticket for the economy class insisted on sitting in the business class and assaulted and spat on crew members when they raised objections

Woman Strips On Flight

Paola Perruccio, who was reportedly drunk, also stripped her clothes and walked up and down the aisle in a partially naked state, hurling abuses at the crew members

Captain Issued
Command To Restrain
Unruly Passenger 

In view of the unruly conduct and violent behaviour of the woman, the Vistara flight captain issued a warning card and instructed the crew to get her dressed and tied to a seat at the rear end till they landed in Mumbai

Italian Passenger’s
Passport Seized 

Upon landing, the police seized Perruccio’s passport and also filed a chargesheet in the case after producing her before Andheri court. She was released on bail

Vistara flight row

A medical examination was also conducted on the woman before booking her under several sections of the Indian Penal Code. The police said they have completed all formalities of recording statements of co-passengers, crew, and others

Rise In Mid-Air Incidents 

Lately, there have been an increase in mid-air incidents of misbehaviour by passengers with crew members and fellow travellers

Drunk Passengers
On Air India Flights 

Two Air India flights are under scrutiny over incidents involving drunk passengers. In one incident, a male passenger, Shankar Mishra peed on a fellow septuagenarian passenger

Latest Update On Air India Pee-Gate 

A Delhi court on Jan 31 granted bail to Shankar Mishra, who is accused of urinating on his co-passenger during an Air India flight from New York to Delhi

Spat Between
Passenger and Crew
On Indigo Flight 

A scuffle ensued between a passenger and a crew member over onboard meals in an Indigo flight operating from Istanbul to Delhi. During the argument, the air hostess yelled “I am not your servant sir." 

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