From autorickshaw driver to godman: Who Is Dhirendra Shastri Of Bageshwar Dham? 

Who is godman
Dhirendra Shastri?

Acharya Dhirendra Shastri is a katha vachak (narrator of Hindu religious tales) and the head priest of Bageshwar Dham, a Hanuman temple in Gada village of Chhattarpur district in Madhya Pradesh

Shastri’s ‘Divya Shakti’

The self-proclaimed 25-year-old saint Pandit Dhirendra Shastri claims of solving people's problems via ‘Divya Shakti’ in his ‘Divya Darbar’

Shastri’s Rise To Fame

Pandit Dhirendra Shastri, shot to fame due to his ‘Divya Darbar’ and ‘katha-vaachan’, which went viral on social media

From autorickshaw
driver to godman

Locals claim Dhirendra Shastri was an autorickshaw driver some years ago. His rise has been meteoric and he is mostly known for calling distressed people to his ‘Divya Darbar’ for apparently resolving their problems

About Bageshwar
Dham Temple

Bageshwar Dham, a temple of Lord Hanuman, is said to be around 300 years old, and was built in the starting decades of the 18th century. It was a small temple until a few years ago. However, it became well known mainly owing to miracles claimed to have been performed by Shastri

Prominent Followers
Of Shastri

Most MLAs from the Bundelkhand region, offer their respects to Shastri. Madhya Pradesh home minister Narottam Mishra is also a follower and has visited the dham

Why Is Shastri In News?

Shastri has been in the news lately as he was challenged by a group of rationalists from Nagpur to perform ‘miracles’ on a public forum. Shastri who was in Nagpur from January 5 to 13 for a Bhagavad Katha left the venue two days earlier for Raipur

Shastri Denies Claims 

Shastri has denied the claims and said that he left Nagpur as he had cut short all his programmes by two days

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