Google Honours Maria Telkes:
Who was the
'Sun Queen’?

Did you spot the bright and sunny Google doodle on Dec 12 while doing a Google search? Wondering what it signifies? 

Curious about Google’s new doodle?

Google’s new doodle is dedicated to Maria Telkes, popularly known as the ‘Sun Queen’, one of the first pioneers of solar energy 

In honour of the
‘Sun Queen’

The animated doodle shows Maria Telkes' photo and her solar experiment in the background. The doodle demonstrates how solar energy is captured and is used to power people’s homes

What does the Google doodle show?

Dec 12 marks the 122nd birth anniversary of Maria Telkes, a Hungarian-American biophysicist, born in Budapest, Hungary

Who was Maria Telkes?

She went on to work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a member of the Solar Energy Committee

Who was Maria Telkes?

Maria Telkes was best known for her invention of the solar distiller and the first solar-powered heating system designed for residences. She also invented other devices capable of storing energy captured from sunlight

Maria Telkes' Contributions

During World War II, Maria Telkes invented a solar distiller, her most significant invention, capable of vaporising seawater and recondensing it into drinkable water. The system was carried aboard life rafts during the war

Maria Telkes’ solar distiller

Maria Telkes earned as many as 20 patents and invented several breakthrough technologies in a career spanning decades

Maria Telkes' career

Maria Telkes, apart from many innovations, is also known for creating a solar oven design, used till date. The project was commissioned by the well-known Ford Foundation 

Maria Telkes’ solar oven

In 1952, Maria Telkes became the first recipient of the Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award. In 1977 she received a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Sciences Building Research Advisory Board for her contributions to solar-heated building technology

Maria Telkes’ Awards

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