Happy New
Year 2023: The Two-Faced Roman God Behind Jan 1 Celebration

Happy New Year 2023

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate New Year on January 1? As we step into 2023, let’s get to know the history behind New Year and how a two-faced Roman God is connected to it

New Year’s Day:
A Peek Into The History

Our present New Year's Day celebration has its roots in an old tradition, the feast of Roman God Janus

Who Is The Roman
God Janus?

God Janus is referred to as the god of doorways and new beginnings. The beginning of the day, month, and year, both calendrical and agricultural, were sacred to him. Janus is also the source of the name January

Two Faces of God Janus

The symbol of lord Janus has two faces in it. One face which is of him looking back into the past while the other face is looking forward into the future

How We Look At
January 1

Likewise the two faces of Janus signify how we look at January 1. While we look back at the memories of the year that has passed, we also look forward to the new year ahead

Julius Caesar Claims
January 1

In 46 B.C. the calendar wasn’t synced with the sun. Julius Caesar decided to correct it with the help of astronomers and mathematicians. Caesar claimed January 1 as the first day of the year partly to honour the month’s namesake- Janus

New Year Resolutions: How It Began

Romans also made promises to Janus while celebrating the New Year. This tradition marked the custom the world follows of making New Year’s resolutions

Common New Year

Some common New Year resolutions that people try to accomplish every year include to exercise more, lose weight, save more money, quit smoking, learn a new skill, spend more time with family and so on

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