'India's most eligible': Here's what Indian millennials seek in their partners

A survey by Shaadi.com, which covers the length and breadth of India, has recently enlisted the qualities that Indians look for the most while choosing their life partner

Shaadi.com survey

Government jobs continue to rule the roost, said the survey. India’s most eligible female is a law enforcement officer, while India’s most eligible male works in the civil services

Govt jobs still most preferred

Financial independence is essential among men and women, but the former even more so. Men earning Rs 30 lakh and more per annum are 190% more desirable, whereas women making Rs 30 lakh are more per annum are 17% more desirable

Financial independence

Men in civil services and tech are two times more desirable as compared to men in other professions, whereas women in aviation are 47% more desired as compared to women in other professions, said the survey.

Most desirable professions

Non-working women are 31% less desirable, hence breaking the myth of Indian men seeking home-makers, said Shaadi.com

Non-working women
least desired

As per the study, the average age of the matchmaking journey has gone up by 2 years in the past decade. Average age of signing up on Shaadi.com was 28.8 yrs in 2022 and 26.8 in 2012

Avg age of signing up
on Shaadi.com

The most desirable age to marry in India is between 26 and 31 years. Over the last decade, average age for marriage has moved up by an average of 2 years, with age for men increasing by 2.5 years and by 1 year for women

Most desirable age to
get married

Bachelor's degree is seen as essential for both. However, importance of having a master's degree has increased exponentially for men and gives them an 81% edge over the others

Bachelor's degree is

The research hsa been conducted from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Assam to Ahmedabad, metros to small cities and rural India and has been built on a sample base of 2.5 million members

How was the study

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