It’s raining money in Gujarat! Viral video shows ex-Sarpanch showering cash at wedding event in Mehsana

Cash shower in
Gujarat's Mehsana!

It was truly raining money in Gujarat's Mehsana district as a former village sarpanch showered wads of cash from the top of his house during a wedding event

Agol sarpanch Karim Yadav
nephew's wedding

The money was reportedly showered as part of a celebration of Agol sarpanch Karim Yadav’s nephew, Razak’s wedding. The ex-sarpanch showered cash on a mob assembled in front of his residence

Video of the cash rain
in Gujarat goes viral

A video of the scene has gone viral on social media. The former sarpanch, along with others, can be seen showering Rs 500 currency notes as a crowd gathered under the house

People try catching
cash thrown from rooftop

In the viral video, people standing below the house are seen trying to catch the notes falling on them as the Bollywood song 'Azeem-O-Shaan Shehenshah' from the movie 'Jodha Akbar' plays in the background

Money rain in Gujarat:

The video, which is widely being shared on social media, has triggered hilarious comments from netizens. "Who says there are no rich people in India, people watch this video," wrote a user 

'Very common in Gujarat'

“Hello Enforcement Directorate,” joked another user. "This is very common in Gujarat. You can see Lacs of rupees flying in any bhajan-santwani programs," claimed a user

Bengaluru man threw
money on passersby

Source: Twitter

A similar case had emerged recently when a man in Bengaluru blocked traffic on a flyover by throwing money at passersby and onto the crowd below in the city's bustling market area

Notes worth Rs 3,000
showered in Bengaluru

The currency notes in Bengaluru’s cash shower were of Rs 10 denomination. According to eyewitnesses, the man allegedly threw notes worth Rs 3,000 approx.

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