Kerala Transman Becomes First Indian Transman To Give Birth To Baby

Kerala Transgender
Man Gives Birth 

Zahhad Paval, a transgender man from Kerala, has reportedly become India’s first man to give birth to a baby 

Transgender couple Zahhad Paval, Ziya Paval’s baby: In Pics

Transgender couple Zahhad Paval and Ziya Paval shared a picture of their new born baby’s hand on Instagram to announce the unique birth

Zahhad Paval, Ziya Paval’s premature baby 

The transgender couple welcomed the baby “with tears” 

Ziya shared an image of her new born baby on Instagram though the couple is yet to reveal the baby’s face

Kerala transgender
couple Ziha, Zahhad

Ziya shared transgender couple’s baby’s image

Ziya shared her happiness with the media as she said, “(This is the) happiest day of my life. I got several messages that pained me, it's a reply to them. I thank all those who supported (us)." 

Indian transgender couple pregnancy

Ziya and Zahhad have become India’s first confirmed transgender parents as Zahhad became the first transgender man to give birth in the country. Reportedly, the couple has tried to adopt a baby but had to drop the idea after facing legal issues 

Zahhad is still undergoing hormonal therapies to complete his transition from being a woman to a man. He had to pause this therapy to conceive the baby

Kerala transgender
man pregnant

transgender couple

The Kerala-based trans couple had reportedly left their respective families years ago after learning about their gender orientation

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