Looking to travel abroad? These Asian countries offer visa on arrival to Indians

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Many Indians change their plans to travel abroad as they believe that applying for a visa includes too many uncertainties. But there are many countries that offer hassle-free travel. Check out the Asian countries that offer visas on arrival to Indians

Visa on arrival to Indians

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tourism sector is slowly recovering from the economic downturn as it sees an uptick in travellers visiting the country. Sri Lanka offers e-visa to Indian passport holders for a duration of up to 30 days.

Maldives offers a visa on arrival, for which foreign travelers need a valid passport, full travel itinerary with confirmed return tickets and hotel bookings or proof of funds, and a completed declaration form.



Indonesia provides visas on arrival for a duration of 30 days and for that one has to show a passport with minimum six months validity. Also, the traveler has to fill in details in the PeduliLindungi app, a Covid contact tracing app, before arrival.

Thailand offers visa-on-arrival facility to Indians with a valid and verifiable address in Thailand, a confirmed return flight ticket. Once you arrive, you will have to pay a visa processing fee of 2,000 THB (Rs 2,678) in Thai currency.


Indians can get a visa on arrival after showing their passport at border checkpoints of the Border Control Department of the Public Security Police after arriving at Macau. The duration of stay remains 90 days.


Indians don’t need a visa to enter Bhutan as only an Indian passport with six months validity or a voter identity card issued by the Election Commission of India is required.


Nepal provides on-arrival tourist visas to Indians. For that, you need to complete an arrival card and a tourist visa form on the Department of Immigration website. The duration can be 15 days or 30 days or 90 days.


Indian passport holders can get visa on arrival for Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days. They'll need to have a valid passport, proof of hotel bookings and return flight tickets and passport-size photographs to get visa on arrival.


Laos issues visa on arrival for 30 days and is available at Wattay International Airport, Luang Prabang International Airport, Pakse International Airport and Savannakhet International Airport.


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