MasterChef India Season 7: How Vikas Khanna Became Michelin Star Chef

MasterChef India Season 7

The cooking reality show MasterChef India is ready to welcome another set of aspiring home cooks today (January 2) who will participate against each other to win the coveted white apron 

MasterChef India
Season 7 judges

For the first time in the history of MasterChef India, the show will have a female judge, Garima Arora, who is also India’s first female Michelin Star chef. She will be joined by Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar

Chef Vikas Khanna’s journey

Vikas Khanna was born with misaligned legs, which prevented him from being physically active. He was often mocked by his peers for wearing wooden boots, which made him gravitate towards his grandmother’s kitchen. He spent the majority of his childhood watching his grandma cook using traditional methods

Who is MasterChef India's judge Vikas Khanna?

Vikas Khanna began cooking at a young age and at the age of 17, he opened Lawrence Gardens Banquets. He went on to do a Hotel Management course and worked with renowned chefs but his dreams did not end there

Vikas Khanna: From
Amritsar to America

With a little support from his brother, Vikas landed in the US and took up odd jobs like waiting tables and washing dishes. But this could not last long, as he was left with only $3 and had to spend freezing nights out on a bench 

Vikas Khanna: Chef
In New York

One day, Vikas got an opportunity to cook 300 portions of dhoklas for a night shelter. The unique taste of this Gujarati delicacy won the hearts of not just the shelter mates but the owners of a New York-based restaurant Salaam Bombay and they offered him the post of executive chef

Vikas Khanna with
Gorden Ramsay

In 2006, Vikas Khanna shot to fame after he was invited on Chef Gorden Ramsay’s TV show, 'Kitchen Nightmares'. Three years later, Vikas opened his Michelin star-winning restaurant ‘Junoon’ in New York City. He has also featured in MasterChef US

Vikas Khanna cooked
for ex-US President
Barack Obama

In 2010, Vikas Khanna prepared a very special sattvik meal for then-US President Barack Obama. He followed up this feat with another meal in 2014, where he served Himalayan cuisine

Vikas Khanna
cooked for PM Modi

Vikas Khanna earned praise from PM Modi as he cooked for him during the dinner for Fortune 500 CEOs in 2015. Shigmoutsav Sol Kadi and Pongal Coconut Chutney Mousse went on to become iconic dishes

MasterChef India:
When, where to watch

MasterChef India Season 7 will be telecasted on Sony TV and can be live-streamed on the OTT platform SonyLiv. The cooking reality show is taking place in Mumbai. It had multiple city-wise auditions to shortlist 16 home cooks for the final set of rounds

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