BTech Pani Puri Wali Tapsi Upadhyay
serves healthy Indian street food

Produced by: Bhoomika
Designed by: Pragati

21-year-old BTech graduate Tapsi Upadhyay took a different course after her studies as she opted to serve healthy snacks to Indians instead of pursuing further studies

BTech Pani Puri Wali

Tapsi Upadhyay serves air-fried pani puris to her customers. Instead of the usually fried gol gappa or puchka stall, she is offering the healthier version of this snack

Tapsi's air-fried gol gappas

An Instagram page ‘Are you hungry’ posted a video of BTech Pani Puri vali. Tapsi was seen riding a bike with her small pani puri stall attached behind it

Tapsi Upadhyay sells
pani puri on a bike

In the viral video, Tapsi narrated her journey as she said that people questioned her choice of career as a street vendor in spite of studying engineering

Tapsi’s story of struggles

Tapsi’s pani puri video was shared on March 1 and since then her video has garnered more than 3 lakh likes and more than 5.3 million views.

Tapsi Pani Puri video
goes viral

Many reacted to Tapsi’s video. One netizen wrote, “Hats off that she is doing everything it takes to be her own boss and be financially independent.”

Netizens apprecaite BTech
Pani Puri Wali’s video

Taapsee Pannu took to her Instagram Story to share the video of Tapsi with the caption, "When it's not just the name...the degree also match!!!"

Bollywood actor Taapsee
Pannu shares Tapsi’s video

In 2017, Prafull Billore, an MBA dropout decided to operate a tea stand in front of IIM-Ahmedabad. He now manages several restaurants under the brand 'MBA Chai Wala.'

MBA Chaiwala

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