Post Diwali
Detox Tips: Diet,
Rest and More

Festive season often amounts to cheat meals and hangovers

Think you’ve been hard on your gut and liver this Diwali? Time to detox!

Hydrate yourself! Your body needs water to flush out all the toxins you’ve been shoving in the form of alcohol, sweets etc

Diwali is a time for all things sweet. However, you need to keep your cravings in check. Cut down on all artificial sweeteners and your body will thank you

Replace common Diwali treats like kaju barfi and soan papdi with dark green leafy vegetables, lentils, nuts, apples and avocados

Now that Diwali parties are over, keep the alcohol at bay and say ‘hey’ to herbal teas. You can try green teas, chamomile teas or hibiscus teas

Lack of sleep during the festive season is common. Give ample rest to your body and take the much needed beauty nap

Take out some time to workout. Go for a run, play any sport or partake in any physical activity for a much needed body detox

After the Diwali madness, calm your mind with some meditation

You’re all prepared to recuperate from the Diwali hangover now!

Produced By: Anshula Raj 
Designed By: Mohsin Shaikh 

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